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EErgo Welding Tool

The first welding tool especially developed for joining of PU and TPE profile. With the optimized ergonomics, super-fast heat-up time and integrated stand to avoid burns and potential risk of fire, this is the tool of the future for butt welding of thermoplastic belting materials.


The EErgo features:

   • Heat-up time in less than 2 minutes

   • Built-in Stand

   • Ergonomic design

   • Innovative handling and display

   • 115V (2x120W)

The EErgo Welding tool comes in 3 different bundles to fit your needs:


Bundle 1: EErgo Welding Tool with Carrying Bag

Bundle 2: Bundle 1 and 1xAS02 Scissors, 1xSE02 Edge Cutter, 2xFZ01 Guide Clamp

Bundle 3: Bundle 1 and 1xAS04 Scissors, 1xSE02 Edge Cutter, 2xFZ01 Guide Clamp,

               1xFZ02/3 Guide Clamp


*Please contact Production Resources if the product you are looking

for is unavailable.