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Friction Welding Machine RS02

The RS02 Jewel Friction Welder eliminates downtime with a perfect splice every time! Perfect and easy splicing in less than a minute. Much faster than with the common welding paddle. Precise pressure and automatically 0-position. Prevents uneven welds and premature failure.


Automatic alignment ensures that 100% of the belt ends are fused and temperature variation is never a concern.


V-belts and profile jaws for special profiles upon request.

     Type               Size
V-belts ∅ 6 to 20 mm
Round Belts 6 x 4 to 22 x 14 mm

The Friction Welding Machine comes with it's own carry case along with the following accessories:

• 1 set clamping jaws (additional jaws are also available)

• 1 pc. cutting pliers SE02

• 1 pair of scissors AS02


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