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L-Clip 200 Industrial Taper

The L-Clip 200 applicator securely applies various widths of most types of packaging tape and is perfect for sealing all types of boxes and cartons. The operator pushes the product to be sealed forward against the activation plate, this actuates the machine and the desired length of tape is secured onto the leading edge of the box — both side and bottom. The L-Clip 200 does the widest range of tape widths from 3/4 inch wide filament style up to three inch wide BOPP tape.

Additional Information

Height on Stand


Work Station Size


Tape Size


31" - 36"


21.5" (w) x 27" (l)


1/2" - 3" width

*Final customer must first sign a nondisclosure agreement and a non-compete document before shipment of the machine.

Custom builds are what we do! Let us know how you would like your L-Clip and we will build it to your specifications.

*Please contact Production Resources if the product you are looking

for is unavailable.