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SuperDrive Belt Pulleys

The SuperDrive™ drive, tail and support pulleys are available in two standard square bore dimensions 1.5″ and 40 mm. The 1.5″ square bore dimension is also available with round corners. The round corner bore is designed to provide a channel for water to carry debris away during washdown. Pulley bore dimensions should be chosen according to the load on the shaft to avoid shaft deflection and to transmit the required torque.

Drive Pulley

SuperDriveTM pulleys are compatable with both ‘H’ and ‘M’ material belts. The standard pulley diameters are 100 mm (4″), 150 mm (6″) and 200 mm (8″) with a square bore.


Tail Pulley

The tail pulley has smooth surfaces with a guide groove for the belt teeth. This pulley is available with the same dimensions and bore description as the drive pulley.


Support Pulley

The support pulleys are designed to support the belt for heavy loads or when the belt is significantly wider than the drive and tail pulleys. The support pulley has a smooth surface and is available in standard width of 100 mm/4″

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