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Volta ‘M’ Material SuperDrive Belts

• Teeth are an integral part of the belt eliminating breakages   at weak points and increasing the life of the belt.

• Extruded teeth and pulley system positively drive and track the belt creating a smooth running production line.

• Minimal pretension reduces strain on the belt and elongation.

• Reduces noise levels to a minimum.

• Easy to install and form a strong base for quality heat welded fabrications.

• Lightweight conveyor belt, cutting back on motor energy usage.

Material: Volta MW, Beige / Volta MB, Blue

Shore Hardness: 53D

Temperature Range : -20° C to 60° C / -5° F to 140° F

Coefficient of Friction: Steel: 0.5 /Stainless Steel: 0.5 /UHMW: 0.28

Certification: FDA/ USDA/ USDA Dairy/ EU Approved

Volta Mid Temperture SuperDrive Belt Table | Nessco Industries

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